Asset management is the tactical management of a property portfolio. Actively managing a property portfolio reduces costs and optimises revenue, while also making real estate risks better manageable. Tactical management also includes adopting a clear development strategy and exploiting an acquisition and divestment policy centred on that strategy.


Asset management is the collective term for a wide range of disciplines. Various specialists work within AO Development, translating strategic property policy plans into regional, sector or object-specific policies. The aim is to optimise revenue whilst managing risk. Frameworks are also formulated to facilitate technical and operational management. As the property market is a dynamic environment, regular performance analyses are held, setting out and comparing opportunities, threats, stronger and weaker points. Part of these analyses serves to research the market conformity of rental and usage conditions, market value, changes to rules and legislation, as well as maintenance requirements.


By performing periodical analyses, AO Development is able to flag organisational and market changes in good time. By a timely anticipation of these changes, unnecessary costs or revenue losses can be minimised. AO Development ensures an active policy in which a concrete plan of approach delivers an optimised portfolio. Introducing, guiding and executing phased realisation plans at portfolio and object level is key in doing so.